This particular client hired me to create a Sport Fishing logo for a sanpan style boat called the “Leko” that they had recently purchased.  The boat originally belonged to Mr. Masaru Sumida, owner of Sumida Watercress Farms.  The clients wanted the original “Leko” Sport Fishing logo updated but also wanted the Sumida Watercress Farm logo recreated for use as a screen-printed t-shirt. Their idea was to incorporate the watercress logo as an homage to the original owner of the boat and to pay tribute to the history of this buy.





Updated Sumida Farm Logo.  Colors reversed, banner and “watercress” text updated with the use of straighter lines and a cleaner sans serif font and the watercress image simplified with less detail and formed in the shape resembling a family tree to pay tribute to the various generations of the farm.


Next up, Leko boat logo…Proof #1



Proof #2



Proof #3