My Job: Busy with Bees

Hawai’i Business Magazine, Dennis Takata, Beekeeper & Owner, Hawai’i Tropical Honey

My Job: Picking the Right Fish

Robert Fram VII, Fish Buyer, Garden & Valley Isle Seafood Inc.

B Corps: “Business as a Force for Good”

Parting Shot: Love’s Bakery

Frying donuts

Parting Shot: Major Maritime Maintenance

My Job: Clown

Steve Hawkes, Stevo the Clown

Paradise Monarchs

Monarch Butterfly conservation, kits available at

Honolulu Zoo

Flamingo exhibit

Train Ride In Japan


On the Overpass

Making Andagi

‘Ewa Honwanji Mission

Time for Take Off

Namba, Osaka, Japan

Walking through an open market

Osaka, Japan

Street View

Bus Ride